”[…] I think I was looking for something like a ’disciplinary of the unknown’ to escape the necessity of knowledge as the only tool to be active and to exist.”
Xavier Le Roy

“Of course, when someone initiates a project people will ask, so what do you want from me? How can I contribute to this project? Or, how exactly will we work? But like Xavier says, we do of course need to classify, to locate, set and regognize. But it will be stronger, better, faster with more brains doing it. It is a point of departure to do the first choices of a project together in a collaborative crew. So there comes the need to put the process in different place. Where we are forced to work in other ways. When I say other I mean simply that all of us, the members of this group have been busy with working in institutions or in – ‘l’ets rehearse 8 weeks’ – set ups.”
Tove Sahlin, director